Arts Performance

Who Are Behind The Scenes

image When many people watch a dance performance, they usually do think about all of the hard work that goes into a dance performance. They may also not think about the people behind the scenes who made the dance performance possible. Below are some of the people who work behind the scenes of a dance performance:

Many dancers do not come up with their own moves. They work with a choreographer. A choreographer is someone who arranges the moves and steps of a dancer. Because dance is a very competitive field, choreographers have to be creative so that they can come up with innovative dance moves. Dancers usually work with a choreographer for several months before they perform. Most choreographers start their careers off as dancers takingĀ  GTA contemporary ballet dance classes or similar.

Makeup Artist
Many dancers wear makeup. That is why many of them hire a makeup artist. Makeup artists have to create a look that matches the message the dancer is trying to convey in his or her performance. It can take hours for a makeup artist to create the ideal look.

Custom Designer
Custom designers also play an important role in a dancer’s performance. They create the clothing that the dancer wears. Custom designers may also create other accessories for the dancer to wear.

Lighting Crew
The lighting crew are responsible for focusing and setting up lights. They may also change lighting setups during a performance. Additionally, the lighting crew take down the lights after the performance is over.

Stage Manager
A stage manager is a person who coordinates and manages a production. Stage managers are very involved in the rehearsals and the actual performance. The job duty of a stage manager can vary from performance to performance. However, their job is to make sure that everything runs smoothly in a production.

While the main focus is on the dancer during the performance, it is important to not forget about all of the people behind the scenes who made the dancer performance possible. The lighting crew, stage manager, makeup artist and costume designer are some of the people who work behind the scenes and make the performances possible.